It’s our belief that young children grow and develop best in a nurturing, co-learning environment guided by intentional, child-centered practices. Our teachers develop authentic, meaningful relationships with each child in an interactive, play-based environment where children acquire the foundations for reading, writing, logical thinking and problem solving.

Best practices are used to design and plan our curriculum, helping to develop social, emotional, physical, cognitive, language and spiritual needs. Our goal is to work with families and provide the best early childhood foundation possible.

Daily activities, routines and schedules introduce children to an early childhood environment with their current interests and needs in mind. Children are not only allowed, but ultimately encouraged, to grow at their own pace. Children are supported and nurtured throughout their early childhood journey. They are also guided in a supportive and communicative manner as they develop a relationship with the teaching staff and their fellow peers, thus setting the stage for their future elementary school years.

MCP understands that parents are the child’s first teacher. We work to partner with families to provide the best early childhood foundation possible.

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