Toddler Program

Toddler Program

Ages 18 months – 2 Years

Our toddler class is carefully crafted to promote exploration of new ideas and concepts in a safe, nurturing way. The children are presented with activities and opportunities that will enable them to strongly develop their social/emotional, physical, cognitive and language abilities.

As toddlers learn best by doing, students have innumerable opportunities to explore, try new things, and grow. Children are encouraged to interact and role-play in both a dramatic play area and outside; construct structures with blocks; build with a variety of manipulative materials; use mixed media such as paints, clay, and sculpture materials; investigate science through exploration; and begin to appreciate literature through listening to stories. These, as well as many other play-based activities, promote positive social, emotional, and academic growth.



Quick Facts

Potty Training Partners

We encourage and build upon your child’s potty training readiness.

Plenty of Outside Time

Children have the opportunity to go outside twice a day to jump, shout and get their wiggles out! (weather permitting)

1:6 Teacher to Child Ratio

Growth for development of friendships.

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