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MCP Waitlist

After touring our school you will have the opportunity to fill out a waitlist form for your child.  Because we are a year-round program, we don’t have a specific enrollment date. We regularly assess openings available in each class and use the waitlist to inform families when availability exists. Your position on the waitlist determines when you get a call about an available opening. Occasionally an opening will become available in a class during the school year.

We maintain two waitlist’s for our center. The average wait time for enrollment varies depending on a number of factors such as timing, development of the child, desired schedule, and age. As children age while on the waitlist, they are automatically considered for any opening that they qualify for by their birth date.

Beginning at the top of each list, parents are notified via email when space is available for their child. Parents are given 48 hours to notify us of their decision to either accept or decline the enrollment offer. If parents fail to contact us within the 48 hour period, the assumption is made that the family is no longer interested in our program and the child’s name will be removed from the waitlist. If space is declined, the child may be placed back on our waitlist. If you are offered a spot and you decline or modify desired start time two times your child will be moved to the end of the waitlist.

Note: Placing your child on our waitlist does not ensure a place in our school but does serve to keep your child’s name on our list of prospective students. Your child’s place on the waitlist is determined by the date we receive your waitlist form.

MCP Waitlist


In order to accommodate the many families that would like to have their child(ren) attend Mariners Church Preschool, the following guidelines have been established:
After taking a tour, a parent may add their child’s name to the waitlist. Expecting parents may put their child on the waitlist at anytime during the pregnancy. The child is eligible to attend when he/she is 4 months old. *Your desired start time does not guarantee enrollment at that time*
When/If a spot becomes available, the preschool will contact the parent by      e-mail. IT IS THE PARENT’S RESPONSIBILITY TO RESPOND WITHIN 48 HOURS. Please email back and communicate a response – yes, no, would like to change desired start time.
Adjustments to start date are made at the discretion of Mariners Church Preschool.
If there is no response after 48 hours, the child may be removed from the waitlist. If at a later date, the parent decides to inquire about their child attending, the parent may contact the preschool to inquire about reinstating their waitlist status. Reinstatement is made at the discretion of Mariners Church Preschool.
For the parent who responds during the 48 hour period, a spot will be held if:

  • The parent comes in within 1 week of the initial offer
  • Brings a valid check for non-refundable fees including New Registration ($200.00), Emergency Kit ($12), and the Last Months Deposit (Varies)
  • Turns in Child Information Page, a copy of Birth Certificate, and a copy of Immunization Records.
A registration packet is sent home and due within 14 days of child’s 1st day. (Unless otherwise noted)
If the parent fails to follow these procedures, their child’s spot may be given to someone else on the waitlist.
If the parent responds during the 48 hour period but is not ready to register their child, they may tell the preschool which month they anticipate needing care. The waitlist form will be modified and the cycle will begin again when a spot becomes available. NOTE: You are not guaranteed a spot at the later date.
If you are offered a spot and you decline or modify desired start time two times your child will be moved to the end of the waitlist.

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